Fiduciary Duty

A Fiduciary Duty is the highest standard of care. A fiduciary relationship encompasses the idea of faith and confidence and is established between two parties.


We can help you

  • Trustee
  • Estate and Asset Management
  • Power of Attorney
  • Conservator / Guardian
  • Personal Representative

Do I need a Fiduciary?

Do you want someone who has your best interests in mind?  Neutral, impartial and who can't and won't bend the rules to benefit?

Why MFW Fiduciary

We believe in protecting you.  We understand that you have worked hard all your life and have come to rely on others to help you through the tough times. We are here to help you through those times.

Now though, as we age, we become more vulnerable and we feel more alone than ever.  The world moves faster and it's harder for us to keep up.  We are here to help you keep up for as long as possible.

We can deal with anything you have.  Our background in construction puts us in a great position to help you age in place as long as possible.  We have managed projects over $8M in size, with complicated scope and difficult projects.  We remain neutral yet compassionate, always striving to perform our best for you.


Next Steps...

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